July 4, 2017

I have started my journey a million times. Every time I thought I needed to start strong. Every time I ended up giving up.
My major mistake was not listening to my body and not allowing myself the time I needed to make myself strong. When you’re new to exercise, especially when you have an injury of any kind, pushing yourself to go hard out at the beginning can be damaging.
It’s so tempting to watch videos of people doing amazing work out routines and thinking you need to do the same. Realistically you are not prepared to do that until well into your fitness journey. You’re going to end up hurting yourself physically as well as emotionally. It can be soul destroying to try your best, push yourself as hard as possible and feel like you’re failing. The old saying “Comparing your first chapter to someone’s ending is not productive” is so true when it comes to exercise. You’re not going to play a game of tennis and suddenly turn into Serena or Venus Williams. The same is true of the gym, walking, swimming, whatever exercise you pick. Allow yourself time to become strong. It’s the biggest kindness you can pay to yourself.

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June 29, 2017

“Fitness journey” is such a wanky term. Sorry about that. 
I thought long and hard about what to call this post and it all sounded a bit pretentious. Is it a journey, is it health or fitness, am I comfortable sounding like a douche? I’m not sure about any of it.
What I am sure about is that I went to see an osteopath after years and years of back pain and was advised to do low impact exercise regularly. This is of course a common suggestion and good advice to everyone in general but when you have an injury, it can be difficult and downright scary to start that routine. When I first started trying to be more active, there wasn’t a lot of content available for those with injuries. It was just a bunch of blog posts and articles telling me to go hard or go home and don’t forget leg day.

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June 26, 2017

I try to hit a balance here on PlanetBakeLife of personal stories but not too personal in case my particular brand of crazy drives you off. Today, however, I’m putting that aside because my friends over at the Blind Foundation asked me to do a post for their annual Bikkie Day. While that means you get an amazing shortbread recipe, it also means you get a story. So I suggest you make these biscuits and a cup of tea and settle yourself down.
Firstly, let’s talk about the Blind Foundation. They’re a great organisation that get no government funding. They count on the good nature of others so they can provide help and support to blind and partially sighted members of the community. A previous boss of mine is part of the Blind Foundation with only 14% vision in one eye. To see how independent and mobile he is thanks to the support The Blind Foundation offers is really quite touching. He doesn’t have a guide dog but personally I think this is one of the most amazing services that is offered. Guide dogs are not just service dogs, they become companions, they are part of the family. 

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