About Me

If you want to know a little bit about me then you can read My Story.
It has pictures and, unsurprisingly, my story, but if you’re a little impatient then that’s ok, I’ll give you the run down here.

My name is Samantha.

I don’t mind that or Sam but never Sammy. I’m 24 years old and I live in New Zealand after a 9 year stint in the UK and being born and raised in South Africa (it’s a whole country on it’s on by the way, not just a territory and it does not incorporate Kenya, Botswana or the Congo before you ask).
I’ve got a law degree and I owned a small bakery in the UK. I owned a takeaway with my father and attached an artisan bakery. In 2014 I moved to Auckland to work for a law firm and I love my job. I like admin work and dealing with paper and talking to people on the phone.
Now I bake in my small flat while my boyfriend finds funny cat GIFs to cheer me up when my pies stick or my cakes flop. Please be aware that I am self taught so this blog is not going to answer all your questions straight off the bat, I’m still learning too and that’s ok, we can learn together.
If you’d like to get hold of me then you can send me a message, or use the links below.