If you’ve been living under a rock then you probably won’t know about FOTB which stands for Fellowship of the Bloggers. It’s a new project that I’ve just embarked on with a few of my friends and we’re doing some amazing things so if you want to get involved I suggest you do so by heading over to the blog and finding out a bit more!
One of those new friends is Sunae.
She’s Australian and she’s pretty cool. But considering I am South African and I live in New Zealand, there’s quite a bit of rivalry with Aussie. What better way to honour that rivalry than a grilled cheese off?!
There is no better way. That’s just how it is.

So Sunae and I both agreed to make a grilled cheese to make our countries proud. Then we’re going to post our recipes on our blogs and next week, we’re going to make the other person’s grilled cheese. Yeah, it’s a grilled cheese off alright.
If you want to get involved, you can make both grilled cheeses and leave your winner in a comment!

Did you know grilled cheese sandwiches are super hard to photograph?!
Well they they so I apologise for the bad photography, but I was kind of in a rush to eat this as well because it was freaking awesome. My favourite thing about grilled cheese sandwiches is the crispy outside and the soft inside. It’s just the best thing ever.

So what’s in it?!
Well there’s pineapple.
And thin shaved ham.
And tomato.
And cheddar cheese.
And mayonnaise.
And onion.
And there’s definitely a lot of love in there too.

So I just butter the outside of the bread, plonk all my ingredients inside and then grill my sandwich on the flat top. Now I know not everyone has a flat top and I’m pretty lucky, but if you have a sandwich maker then you can use that or just a frying pan on the stove is good!